Who is Germaine?

Sassy Parisian Chic
The cheeky mind night Day !

Because they didn’t exist, she invented them... In the 2000 decade while fashion was obsessed by the thong and synthetic materials, this native-born parisian returned from her travels to India with a suitcase chock full of memories... and in idea: make cotton panties in vivid colors and prints with a mischievous spirit that would be part-country girl part-Parisian. Pascale’s father’s family has early roots in the Aveyron region where her ancestors grew tobacco along the banks of the Lot river. And since her mother was German, she was nicknamed Germaine (the German) by her classmates at school. The current Germaine adventure began in the St Germain des prés district where she grew up, a place where litterature and the arts co exist in a mix of poetry and cheekiness.

Pascale Gransagnes,
founder and designer

Because they didn't exist, she invented them... In the 2000s, when the fashion was for thongs and synthetic materials, this pure Parisian came back from her travels in India with suitcases full of memories... and an idea: cotton panties in vibrant colors and prints with a mischievous state of mind, half country, half Parisian. The creator of Germaine des Prés, Pascale Gransagnes, comes from an Aveyron lineage, having once cultivated tobacco on the banks of the Lot and a German mother, which earned her the nickname Germaine from her classmates. Germaine's adventure began in the neighborhood of her childhood, St Germain des Prés, where literature and the arts mix in a mixture of poetry and cheekiness. My motto: less is more. I am a fan of slow fashion, the race to new collections does not interest me. Simple, timeless cuts revised in quality fabrics and home-made prints.

I like to play with colors and drow inspiration
from the Aveyron countryside as well as my travels and paintings I like”

A demanding eco-friendly commitment

At Germaine des prés, we use exclusively natural fibers, with no use of synthetics like elastan or lycra for more lightness and comfort. An eco friendly production process ! All our panties are made in 100% organic cotton that has the GOTS certification. GOTS is the most demanding certification for the textile industry: it requires using cotton that is grown organically, dyes that have no toxic components and respectful, ethical working conditions. Each GOTS label has a licence number that guarantees a better traceability. And because at Germaine des prés our goal is zero waste, our panties and nighties come in small, coordinated pouches made from leftover fabric scraps while our lovelty cotton paper gift boxes, also made from scraps, hold a set of panties rolled up like “macarons”. Use the boxes later to store trinkets, jewelry or love notes … For Germaine des prés, Parisian elegance should be presented down to the smallest detail. Concerned with our carbon footprint, we also innovate with a surprising line made from milk fibers. Because even though we drink milk at breakfast, we can wear it too! Germain des prés has developed nighties and panties in textiles with a smooth, silk-like hand made from a base of organic, milk casein. This ecological approach is produced using only a small amount of water and energy.”

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